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General calendar of events

August - First board meeting

September - Form Advisory Board

- Initiate Lichten Award Call for Papers

September/October - Hold new board year chapter event, traditionally the Wine Tasting/Eastside School Fundraiser at the Cooper-Garrod Winery in Saratoga

November/December - Conduct local Lichten award competition - Call for nominations for Chapter Awards (deadline in mid to late January)

December/January - Arrange and conduct Lichten Award regional competition (with Arizona and L.A. chapters)

February - Lichten Award regional winner paper submitted by Regional V.P.; date determined by AHS Headquarters

- Notifications of chapter award nominations sent to nominees and supervisors

- SFBAC Awards Committee (Advisory board and president) meet and make recommendations

- Prepare yearly tax statement and send to AHS Headquarters

March - SFBAC Board makes final awards decisions

March/April - Seek nominations for next year’s board members

April/May - Chapter award winners and two levels of supervisors notified

May - Chapter award winners and banquet announced

- Plaques/certificates printed

- AHS Forum – if possible, send one board member to the AHS Forum to attend membership meeting

June - Chapter Awards Banquet held

July - Transfer signature authority for Chapter bank accounts to incoming Secretary/Treasurer and President



1) Upon taking office, the Advisory Board and Board should consider nominating a local chapter member for the Nikolsky Honorary Lectureship. Applications are due each year on September 15.

2) The Membership Chair should begin a membership drive in the Fall in order to be competitive with the national membership drive which runs from April 1 to March 30 of the following year. They should use innovative strategies and enlist the help of the whole Board to recruit new members. Special effort should be made to seek out off base membership, both individual and corporate.

3) Survey the membership for their ideas and inputs on the activities they would like to have.

4) Donate $1000 annually to the Vertical Flight Foundation.

5) If a conference is held during the year, contribute a portion of the proceeds to AHS Headquarters.

6) Consider having a panel discussion as one event during the year.

7) Have periodic seminars (such as bi-monthly) of rotorcraft activities at Ames to complement the normal lunch and dinner meetings.

8) Provide a complementary membership to the NASA Ames Center Director or send him/her flyers for the local events.

9) Consider making a small amount of money (i.e. $100/year) available to supply refreshments for rotorcraft meetings at Ames. This sponsorship by the AHS local chapter shows good will toward visitors, provides publicity, and fosters an integrated rotorcraft community.

10) Consider opening the nomination process for the next year's Board to the general membership to reflect a more democratic process. A flyer would need to be sent out at the beginning of the calendar year in which people can nominate themselves or others for a position on the Board. The Advisory Board would then review the nominations, suggest Board positions if required, and create the ballot.

11) Donate $500 annually to the Hiller Aviation Museum or the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center.