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Membership Chair

Primary Duties
  1. Provide leadership as Chair of the Outreach Program Committee, which consists of the Publicity Chair and the Membership Chair, to achieve the following objectives:
    1. Promote community awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the benefits of vertical flight.
      1. Speaker's Bureau
      2. National Engineer's Week
    2. Strive to make positive contributions to the San Francisco Bay Area Community.
      1. Teacher Grants, Student Essay Contest
      2. Ames Aerospace Encounter
    3. Serve as a means by which interaction with the San Francisco Bay Area community can take place for mutual benefit.
      1. Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC)
      2. Provide Curriculum Supplements to the Teacher Resource Center
      3. Eastside College Prep
Secondary Duties
  1. Draft articles for Vertiflite, Astrogram on Local Chapter Events
  2. Assist in the general activities of the chapter
Dates of Key Events

August to December - Develop a proposal for at least one significant contribution to the San Francisco Bay Area Community that promotes community awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the benefits of vertical flight. Have proposal ratified by the entire board, along with estimated costs to the local chapter.

January to March - Implement the ratified proposal.

April to June - Encourage appropriate publicity of the contributions, including drafting articles for Vertiflite and the Astrogram.