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Technical Chair

Primary Duties
  1. Coordinate activities for Robert L. Lichten Award Competition.
    1. Encourage SFBAC Chapter Members to participate in competition
    2. Provide three judges for local/regional event
    3. Coordinate flyers announcing Lichten activities with Publicity Chair
    4. Conduct SFBAC competition in accordance with guidelines in AHS Officers Guide.
    5. Coordinate with Los Angeles and Arizona Chapters; alternate as hosts of regional competition.
Lichten Schedule

Sept. – Oct.: Call for papers

Nov. – Dec.: Conduct local chapter competition

Dec. – Jan.: Conduct regional competition

Feb.: Regional winner submits paper for national competition (Date determined by AHS headquarters)

  1. Serve on San Francisco Chapter Awards Committee.
    1. Participate in Awards Program as defined by Awards Committee Guidelines
    2. Actively encourage members of the rotorcraft community to submit nominations
    3. Assist in writing letters of notification to all award nominees, their immediate supervisors and the nominators.
    4. Assist in writing letters of congratulations to award winners with copies to their first and second levels supervisors
    5. Update Awards Program as required.
Recommended Awards Program Schedule:

Nov. – Dec.: Actively see nominations from members of rotorcraft community.

Jan. (mid to late): All nominations due.

Feb.: Notifications to nominees, supervisors, and nominators.

Feb.: SFBAC Advisory Board makes recommendations.

Mar.: SFBAC Board of Directors votes on Advisory Board recommendations.

Apr. – May: Award winners and two levels of supervisors notified.

May: Award winners and Award's Banquet announced; plaques/certificates printed.

June: Awards Banquet

Secondary Duties
  1. Suggest technical presentations, seminars, or round table discussions of interest to Chapter Members and identity potential speakers for lunch or dinner meetings
  2. Assist fellow SFBAC Board Members with general, technical, and membership events.