American Helicopter Society San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

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Article IV President and Vice President
Article V Board of Directors
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Article VIII Advisory Board
Article IX Elections
Article X Technical Specialists' Meetings
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Article XII Amendments to the Bylaws
Description of the Duties of the Board of Directors
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Publicity Chair
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Primary Duties
  1. Manage the Local Chapter Awards with the assistance of the Awards Nominating Committee (VP, Technical Director, and the Membership Chair):
    1. recruit nominations for awards
    2. advertise for awards
    3. organize and distribute nominations to the AHS Advisory Board for review
    4. send acknowledgment mail/email
    5. present AHS Advisory Board’s Award recommendations to the AHS Officer Board for approval
    6. inform award winners of their selection
    7. manage preparation of framed certificates for the winners, engraving of perpetual plaques, and construction of a lifetime achievement plaque (should that award be given)
    8. manage the awards banquet by selecting site and coordinating award dispersal (with the assistance of the Arrangements Chair)
  2. Assist the President and the Board Members in any of the activities of the chapter
Recommended Dates of Key Events

Jan. (mid to late): award nominations due to award nominating committee

Feb.: award nominations due to Advisory Committee

March: voting completed and award winners approved by full chapter officer board

June: awards banquet