American Helicopter Society San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

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Article II Purpose
Article III Membership
Article IV President and Vice President
Article V Board of Directors
Article VI Board Meetings
Article VII Terms of Office
Article VIII Advisory Board
Article IX Elections
Article X Technical Specialists' Meetings
Article XI Quorum
Article XII Amendments to the Bylaws
Description of the Duties of the Board of Directors
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Arrangements Chair
Community Outreach Chair
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Primary Duties
  1. Hold monthly Board Meetings to coordinate local activities.
  2. Direct the Board members and assist where appropriate to
    1. a.hold chapter meetings approximately once per month with guest speakers in a lunch, dinner, or seminar format
    2. b.carry out a local Lichten competition
    3. c.carry out the local Awards Program and Banquet
    4. d.increase membership through local and national drives including special outreach to nongovernment and student members
    5. e.nominate local members for national awards
    6. f.periodically (every 2-3 years) sponsor technical specialists' meetings
    7. g.provide community outreach in the local area
    8. h.provide support to the local student chapter
  3. Ensure that chapter objectives are met as outlined in the AHS Strategic Plan and Bylaws through continuation of effective AHS traditional operating procedure and through the introduction of new, innovative means.
  4. Interface with the Advisory Board for guidance.
  5. Effectively balance the local budget. Offset proceeds from conferences with spending in the following areas:
    1. $1000 yearly donation to the Vertical Flight Foundation
    2. subsidize lunch and dinner meetings and offer student price
    3. money or supplies contribution to student chapter including seed money for new chapters
    4. membership drives
    5. community outreach
    6. slush fund for coffee and donuts at non-AHS rotorcraft functions
    7. funds for Lichten-related travel
    8. funds for AHS membership meeting travel
    9. give AHS HQ a portion of conference proceeds
Secondary Duties

1.Write a chapter activities report for the Western Region Vice-President upon request in the Fall and Spring

2.Review the AHS SFBAC bylaws and suggest changes as required

3.Assist in the general activities of the chapter

4.Serve on the Nominating Committee to choose the following years' board

Dates of Key Events

August - Organize the first board meeting

Sept. - Ask the Advisory Board Chair to choose members for the Advisory Board per the bylaws.

Sept-Oct: Hold first chapter event, traditionally the Wine Tasting/Eastside School Fundraiser at the Cooper-Garrod Winery in Saratoga

Oct: Have Lichten Chair begin Lichten Competition planning activities, recruiting, flyers (see Technical Director description for key dates)

Mar/April: Join the Advisory Board in determining the following years' board and provide a list of candidates

May: If possible, send one of the membership chairs to the Forum to attend the membership meeting

June: Awards Banquet which is the formal event for the year.